Agriculture Minister Matthew Walter says that in addition to $2 million dollars set aside for feeder roads by Finance Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, a further $5 million is becoming available to service the country’s farm access roads.

The $5 million, according to the minister, is grant funding being made available under the programme known as BAM – Banana Accompanying Measures.

Minister Walter said the $7 million should help rehabilitate a significant amount of feeder roads that’ll facilitate the exporting of bananas and other agricultural crops to generate much needed foreign exchange.

The Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) represent European assistance to help African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries adjust to new trade realities.

The government here had been blasted for, according to its critics, not putting aside adequate funds for feeder road rehabilitation.

Prime Minister Skerrit responded at the time that the $2 million allocation that he had announced was an initial start, and that efforts would be made to find additional funding for farm access roads.