The police station is now complete

The police station is now complete

Police officers based in Laplaine are now comfortably settled in their new quarters in the centre of the community.

The Constituency, which had been without a real police station since 1979, now have a base for community security and Government, effective May, no longer rents accommodations for law enforcement in the area.

Work on the $3m project began in January 2014 employing 15 men under the supervision of the Public Works Division.

When GIS News and the Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency, Petter Saint Jean looked at developments in the area, the new Laplaine Police Station was on the agenda.

“The residents complained consistently that the police officers were not visible in the community and so people hoped that when they moved into the new facility, the officers would be seen more often,” he said. “I must report that there has been an increase in the visibility of police officers in uniform which is a good thing. What used to happen is that you would only see a police officer at the school junction but right now I see them in the village and importantly when I pass the police station I see the police officers in uniform. This means that they are catching the vision…and I expect that to continue.

Corporal Earl Fontaine is one of the officers based in Laplaine.

He says the new accommodations are contributing to job satisfaction and performance.

“Since the men moved into the new station, it has greatly enhanced the morale and the community has expressed great interest and they seeing that the police are more involved in the community,” Corporal Fontaine said. “The ambience is good and it has all the amenities.”

Hon. Saint Jean is aware of the impact on both officers and more importantly, the communities.

“The reviews have been very positive. Based on my interaction with the police officers, they are very happy and I can only hope that this facility will serve as a motivation for the officers.”

With that comes a renewed call to the community to join law enforcement and engage in community policing.

This police base serves the communities of Laplaine, Grand Fond, Morne Jaune, Riviere Cyrique and Boetica.

It is hoped that the building will be officially commissioned in the coming weeks.