Participant receives training in First Aid

The Hurricane season is in its second week and the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is focused on prevention and mitigation of hazards that could be caused during the season.

The ODM is currently hosting a series of public forums across the country and focusing on first aid and other basic community disaster management practices.

“People should not wait until a hazard has affected families and communities and then respond. We have to do all in our power prior to a disaster. We need to plant trees to sustain hillsides, and cut them where they may pose a hazard and take other measures that will lessen the impact,” said Steve Joseph, program manager at the Disaster Management Office.

According to information coming from Sheryl Leblanc of the Meteorological Office, this year’s 2011 hurricane season is expected to be an above average year, with 11 to 18 storms predicted.  Six to ten of those could be hurricanes and five to be major storms.