The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) has confirmed that it has approved night landing at the Melville Hall Airport.

The approval follows a series of test flights at the airport.

Acting Director General of the ECCAA Donald McPhail said government will receive the official approval today.

He said that approval will be granted in three phases.

“Phase one limits the operations to the Dash-8 300 which is the aircraft operated by LIAT will be the largest and smaller air crafts are able to go in. in phase one we placed certain restrictions to ensure that the level of safety at the airport exist. In phase two, some of these restrictions will be lifted and the larger air crafts will be allowed while in phase three will take it a little bit further,” he said.

A series of test flights have already been conducted and following one such operation last week, LIAT said it identified several concerns that needed to be reviewed by the Civil Aviation Authorities.

McPhail said the Civil Aviation Authority is satisfied that all the conditions have been met.

“We have received information from Dominica that they intend to open the airport from 6am until 10 pm. Our approval covers operation up to 10 o’clock or thereafter which prior permission from the authorities,” he said.