Skerrit at the meeting in Dublanc

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit, has stated that, in response to areas of concerns put forth by fishermen from the community of Dublanc, the government will begin to address these issues as soon as August of this year.

In speaking at a meeting held with the fishermen in Dublanc on Tuesday July 18th 2017, Skerrit took note of needs such as fishing boats, boat motors, acquisition of the Fair Trade building, a jetty, and sea defense wall saying that these areas will be focused on without any distractions.

“I do not want us to shift the goal post. There are some things that can happen almost immediately, there are some things that will require a little bit more planning,” he said.

The government plans on building a “major sea defense wall” in Dublanc, according to Skerrit, and is looking to have the construction process begin sometime this year. This wall is needed because residents of Dublanc would rather stay in the village than leave because of sea surge, he said.

“We have a challenge in Dublanc with the sea surge. I have come to accept that there are many of us here in Dublanc who do not want to leave Dublanc to go on any mountain top, to live away from the sea,” he said.

The funds will be made available for these ventures “immediately after” the 2017/2018 budget is passed, and so, Skerrit encouraged the fishermen to be prepared for the upcoming projects.

According to him, estimates have been made for a jetty to be constructed at the same time the sea defense wall is being built so as to have a “complete job.”

He added that the success of these initiatives will all depend on the cooperation of the fishing teams at Dublanc, and the importance of working together should be valued.

“We will all have different ideas, we will all have different ways on how to do things, but we must not lose sight of the common objective, which is to create a better way of life for all of us,” he said.

Skerrit stated that the people of Dublanc “will see the manifestation of our commitments here in Dublanc.”

In addition to all of this, Skerrit noted that steps will be taken to address the housing situation in the community and the possibility of building apartments will be considered.

“We just do not have enough land space to build individual homes, so we are looking at the concept of apartments and we will come back to you before the end of the year to share with you some of the designs we have already and to get your understanding of it,” Skerrit stated.