Section of the road under the Canefield cliff under rehabilitation. Photo credit: GIS

The Chinese Railway Construction Company in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Works has begun work on a three-lane road from the vicinity of the coast guard base in Fond Colé to West Indies oil property in Canefield.

Minister for Public Works, Energy and Ports, Rayburn Blackmore said that this project is part of the wider West Coast Road Project extending from Canefield to Portsmouth.

The minister said that this phase of the project will involve the road being realigned to accommodate three-lane traffic.

“What we are attempting to do is to do some realignment in the area beginning just past Woodbridge Bay around the Police Coast Guard Base. The realignment will be towards the seawall on the western section of the road. The road is going to be enlarged to accommodate three-lane traffic leading up to the West Indies Oil area with approximately 0.75m of shoulder on either side of the road. Some reservation will be made for drains and sidewalk. The sidewalk will be constructed on the western side of the road approximately one metre in width. The road itself will be approximately 10.5 metres in width,” he said.

The Ministry of Public Works has assured motorists using the road under the Canefield cliff that all will be done to minimize the level of inconvenience.

“The road under the Canefield cliff is one of the heaviest traversed areas in Dominica. We will make every effort therefore to try to minimize the inconvenience to the motoring public who uses this road. Work is going to commence on the western side of the road and once this section is complete, vehicular traffic will be diverted to this side to allow the contractor to work on the eastern side of the road,” Blackmore pointed out.

Plans are to have much of the work done during the hours of nine at night and six in the morning.

“It is important to control traffic because this is the only major artery leading in and out of Roseau north bound. This is because we do not want to inconvenience motorists who use this route daily. We are trying to avoid that at all costs. We have already placed announcements via the media alerting the public of the impending work,” Blackmore stated.

The West Coast Road Project funded by the Chinese Government is now 80 percent  complete with significant work already done at various locations along the west coast route.

Minister Blackmoore is pleased with the level of work done thus far, geared at improving the island’s road network.