An image circulated by the gov't depicting what a section of Roseau will look like after the project

An image circulated by the gov’t depicting what a section of Roseau will look like after the project

Public Works Minister, Ian Pinard, is expressing confidence that the much touted Roseau and Portsmouth Enhancement Project will begin “as soon as possible”.

Pinard told state-owned DBS Radio that that contracts for the project are being finalized.

“We are looking at everything in terms of finalizing the contracts and having this project started as soon as possible,” he said.

He noted that the contracts are being finalized with the office of the Attorney General and the contractors.

Pinard mentioned that the first stage of the project entails construction of a new West Bridge in Roseau.

“We will demolish the West Bridge and we will build a brand new bridge and replace the West Bridge and also look at the roads and sidewalks on Independence Street,” he said. “So that will be the first phase of the project, and after we will go into the other phase of the project in terms of the different streets. The different streets will be the new West Bridge and Independence Street”.

In terms of enhancement through the project, Pinard promised that both Roseau and Portsmouth will be seen as the most beautiful and majestic towns in the Caribbean.

“After the completion of the project you will have a new and transformed city,” he said.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the project was signed between the government of Dominica and NSG Management and Technical Services Ltd of Barbados in October 2014 for the upgrading of Roseau and Portsmouth.

During the signing, it was promised that the project would begin in the “first quarter” of 2015.

The Roseau Enhancement Project was described as a comprehensive Plan comprised of a number of different projects related to the urban infrastructure upgrading and enhancement to include the road network, bridges, drainage, street lighting and streetscape of Roseau the improvement of the flow of traffic in Roseau among others.