The Rotaract Club of Roseau says it’s about to launch a project aimed at saving lives.

Ahead of Saturday’s official launch of its Life Line Project, club officials say the activity is aimed at minimizing the number of deaths caused by drowning on the Atlantic side of the island, particularly in the South East area.

A release from the group says it will be placing safety signs on selected beaches at La Plaine, Rosalie and Riviere Cyrique.

Rotaractors say the intention is to educate individuals about survival procedures, and advise them on the best time for swimming.

Participants of the Rotarat sessions on January 7 and 14 are expected to be made more aware of the dangers of the sea.

They’ll also be exposed to practical training.

According to the organizers, those involved in the training will learn about the type of tides that are not suitable for swimming, as well as survival tips.

Saturday’s launch takes place at the La Plaine Community Centre.