Darroux is taking aim at pit latrines in his constituency

Parliamentary Representative of the Salybia Constituency and Minister for Kalinago Affairs, Casius Darroux has revealed that the Ministry of Finance has approved $539,000 for the eradication of pit latrine in that constituency.

The project will be done under the ongoing sanitation program and works are expected to begin in January 2017.

“We have $539,000 being approved by the Ministry of Finance towards the eradication of pit latrines,” Darroux told DNO on Wednesday.“We are going to start in the Sineku community since it is one of the biggest communities in the Salybia Constituency.”

He stated that 49 families from Sineku will benefit from that programme.

“Also we want to start the program also in Atkinson, so that we eradicate pit latrine in Atkinson and Sineku,” he noted.“Then we are going to move on to the other communities to ensure that every community is dealt with, so that by the end of this coming year, in the territory we will have eradicated all pit latrines.”

Darroux said he hopes that the Kalinago Territory, Atkinson and Antrizle will be the first communities for us to eradicate pit latrines on the island.

Meantime, Darroux revealed that works have started on houses made from material donated by the government of Korea for single families in his constituency.

“We have started the foundation for three families…,” he stated. “We have one in Concord, one in Bataca and the other in Gullet River.”

He said from the estimate the structures cost about $42,000.

“That’s for material and construction but labour is another additional cost,” he explained. “We have started three foundations…then we will continue with the physical structure itself, other than just the foundation. We are hoping to complete seven and then we will move on up to the 35 individuals who were identified can be benefited.”

The seven houses are expected to be completed by February 2017.