The pier before and after restoration

Local investment and hospitality company Range Developments is pleased to announce that restoration of the Pier in Cabrits National Park is completed.

The project has been undertaken in partnership with M/V Pacific Hope, a ship that is dedicated to supporting the local community through the provision of medical care and construction services via its dedicated volunteers.

The Pier was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria and as a result, ships have been unable to dock there ever since. The work will partially restore the functionality of the Pier, enabling ships to access Cabrits National Park and Fort Shirley.

Dr. Lenox Honeychurch, Curator of Fort Shirley said: “We are very fortunate that this assistance has come at this time as we are preparing to welcome international students for a summer program at Fort Shirley who will need the Pier to access their dive boat. We also need to prepare for the 2018-2019 yacht and tourist cruise season.”

Following the completion of the restoration work – which has been undertaken in co-operation with the Port Authority – M/V Pacific Hope is able to dock at the Pier and provide much needed medical services for local patients.

This isn’t the first time that Range Developments has collaborated with M/V Pacific Hope. The two organizations are currently working together on the reconstruction of CALLS – a local centre for youth – which was also damaged by Hurricane Maria. Further collaborations between both organizations are also planned for the future.

Kamal Shehada, Development Director at Range Developments said: “The Pier in Cabrits National Park is an important community asset and restoring its functionality will enable its wider use for a wide range of beneficiaries. I would like to personally invite and encourage members of the community and associated organizations to join us in our ongoing efforts so that together we can benefit even more people.”

Range Developments hopes to build upon their social responsibility efforts by supporting other worthwhile community projects and initiatives.

The Pacific Hope docked at the pier