Attendees at the ceremony

The St John’s Fisheries Cooperative can now boast of being officially registered.

That was confirmed on Wednesday at a ceremony at the new fisheries complex in the town of Portsmouth.

Officials say with over 70 registered members, the co-operative is already the largest of its kind on island.

MP for the area, Tourism Minister Ian Douglas, encouraged the fishermen to invest their money wisely.

According to Douglas, people are now looking up to fishermen to make fishing a business.

His address was among several by officials at the function in the seaside community, which is known as the hub of economic activity in the north of the island.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Harold Guiste, encouraged the fishermen to regard fishing as a formal occupation, and advised that they should place emphasis on doing the necessary record-keeping and training to be efficient in their work.

A brief history of the cooperative movement, was outlined by Roy Casey, the Chairman of the group’s Steering Committee.

Mariet Canoville Registrar of Cooperatives addressing the function

The cooperative members were congratulated by Registrar of Co-operatives, Mariet Canovile, who encouraged them to sustain their efforts.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of certificates to the group by Ms Canoville.