nursingThe nursing community here will soon welcome 14 new nurses who recently took and passed the Regional Nursing Entrance Examinations (RENR).

Speaking to Dominica News Online, Acting Registrar of the Dominica State College, Denise Edwards, said that the students were all recent graduates of the institution’s nursing program.

“There were 14 Dominican students who sat the regional exam this year and there was 100 percent pass in the exam,” she said. “We must emphasize that the students were sitting the exam for their first time and it is 100 percent pass.”

Edwards added that the results are communicated on a pass or fail basis, therefore, it is not possible to determine which student got the highest score.

“The exams are written on the first Monday and Tuesday of October. There are two sittings, one in March and one in October, so this would have been the October sitting. The students sat the exam on the 7th and 8th of October,” she explained.

Edwards described the RENR as a licensing exam.

“Students learn nursing at school and then for them to be able to practice nursing they must be licensed with the General Nursing Council of Dominica and to get that license they must be able to pass that Regional Exam,” she explained, noting further that students are given a maximum of three attempts to pass the exam.

Edwards extended congratulations to the students who passed. “I am proud of my students and the staff at the faculty of health sciences. They are a relatively young staff most of them having completed their masters within the last two or three years,” she said.

She also made a plea to young men to take up nursing as a profession, highlighting that out of the 14 students, only two were male.

She encouraged young men to not be afraid of becoming nurses.