Skerrit told interns they should treat placements with the highest degree of commitment

Skerrit told interns they should treat placements with the highest degree of commitment

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has revealed that as of April 4 2014, 437 individuals will be employed under the National Employment Program (NEP).

Skerrit said the Phase 2 of the program dubbed the ‘Community Employment Generation, Education, Mentorship Program’ will commence soon.

“We will also be launching another phase of the program to parallel the Yes We Care program, where we will be utilizing the services of women in various communities who will go and provide daily care to some of our seniors who are in need,” he explained during the first Quarterly Interns Forum on Monday at the Dominica State College.

Minister for Trade, Employment and Diaspora Affairs, Collin McIntyre, pointed out further that Phase 2 will see the employment and training of individuals for beautification projects, road repairs, mentors, ICT and other skilled areas.

NEP was launched in December 2013 and is a government initiative which employs a number of people to include unemployed college and university graduates by placing them in public and private sector firms. The government then pays the salaries of those employed.

Skerrit urged the interns in the program to treat their placement at the various institutions with the highest degree of commitment.

“You cannot walk into your workplace at whatever time you wish,” he stated. “You cannot watch the boss man’s car and think that you should have a vehicle like his too; you cannot tell the boss that he came in at 12 o’clock so I can come in at 1 o’clock. You have to carry out the functions and duties given to you because how well you do under this one-year internship program will determine what happens to your post that one year.”

The prime minister also reminded the interns that the program is being funded by the Government of Venezuela and not by the treasury.