French students posed to keep the memory of this exciting trip.

A group consisting of 25 students and four teachers from Guadeloupe visited Dragon Windows Company at Fond Cole in Dominica on April 6.  According to them, the trip was exciting, pleasant and learning.

The group was guided through different sections of the Dragon Windows production lines and to watch various procedures of PVC window and door manufacturing. They were quite impressed with the sophisticated techniques and level of machinery manufacturing in the Dragon Windows workshop, and many of them said that they had never known that such nice and advanced PVC products could be made in Dominica. As a matter of fact, there is no similar PVC industry in Guadeloupe and the students were amazed and excited about what they saw in Dragon Windows factory. All kinds of questions were asked and the staff of Dragon Windows Company answered and explained to them patiently.

At the end of their trip, the students expressed their wishes that technical schools should be opened in the region to provide basic trainings to young people who are interested in learning skills in manufacturing industry and also to offer qualified human resources for companies in the industry. They were pleased to know that Dragon Windows has had its unique Apprenticeship System in place in its ten-year operation in the Caribbean which has been successfully recruiting young technicians for the business.

To conclude their trip, the teacher representative of the group presented a bottle of Guadeloupe Rum to the Management of Dragon Windows Company as an expression of appreciation.

The students show great interest in PVC manufacturing knowledge introduced by the staff of the Dragon Windows Company.

The French students group arrived in Dominica Wednesday morning for a four-day trip. The purpose of the trip is to improve their English and to learn more about the culture and industry of Dominica. Dragon Windows was their first stop. Dragon Windows Company was contacted by the Discover Dominica Authority in March regarding the visit plan and delightedly made arrangement to facilitate their trip yesterday.

As a leading manufacturer of uPVC products in the Caribbean, Dragon Windows Company has been successfully supplying top quality uPVC windows, doors, fences, railings, and electrical rolling window and door shutters, electrical rolling garage doors to the entire Caribbean markets since 2001, including Antigua & Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, St. Lucia etc.

A bottle of Guadeloupe Rum was presented to Dragon Windows Company.