The Principal, Staff, Students, and parents of the Castle Bruce Secondary School congratulate the “Teachers of the Term”.

At the end of Term 3, the school recognized a teacher from each of three (03) categories:
Aspiring Teacher of the Term (An outstanding teacher, in the profession for less than five years)
Teacher of the Term (An outstanding teacher, in the profession for five or more years)
Head of Department of the Term – (An outstanding Head of Department)

Three teachers were chosen: Syarra Tonge (Aspiring Teacher of the Term), Nicole Cuffy (Teacher of the Term) and Vernillia Matthew-Nation (Head of Department of the Term).

The Aspiring Teacher of the Term and the Teacher of the Term were selected based on the following criteria:
– Planning and Preparation
– the Instructional Process,
– Classroom management
– Assessment of students’ learning
– Interpersonal Relations
– Professionalism.

The HOD of the term was selected based on the following criteria:
– Planning and Organisation
– Curriculum Management
– Instructional Leadership
– Classroom Instruction
– Interpersonal Relations
– Professionalism.

The selection process was based on recommendations made by the Heads of Departments (HODs), a Termly Appraisal of teachers’ performance (done by the principal, deputies and HODs) and nominations by students (with justifications) done through a survey conducted among the entire student body. The selection process for the HOD also included a termly performance review survey conducted among the teaching staff.

The “The Teacher of the Term” initiative is in keeping with the school’s motto; Excellence is not an act but a habit; radiate that vision. The school recognizes the consistent effort and commitment displayed by the teachers at the school throughout the term. As part of the acknowledgements, the selected teachers were presented to the entire student body during final assembly, where each was presented with a Gift Certificate. The teachers will also receive a Certificate of Recognition and a badge to be worn during the New Academic Year. The teacher’s photos were also taken to be displayed on a poster at the school.


Ms. Syarra Tonge

Tonge with students

Ms. Tonge performed exemplary during the course of Term 3, being highly regular and punctual for work. She prepared adequately for her English A and Social Studies classes on a regularly basis in order to maximize her efficiency in the classroom. Ms. Tongue keeps accurate records and meets all deadlines. She excelled in areas of Planning & Preparation, The Instructional Process, and Professionalism. Some students perceive Ms. Tongue as being kind and one who “does fun things to make learning fun.”

Ms. S. Tonge received a Gift Certificate of $75 for purchases at a place of her choice.

Ms. Nicole Cuffy

Ms. Cuffy is undoubtedly among the most effective teachers at the Castle Bruce Secondary School. She makes her responsibilities priority and fulfills them exclusively. She is versed in the teaching of English A and English Literature and always ensures that her students’ time on task is maximized. Ms. Cuffy’s areas of proficiency include Planning and Preparation, Lesson Delivery, Classroom Management, Assessment of students’ learning and Professionalism. She displays tremendous commitment in ensuring the success of all her students. Many students have expressed great satisfaction with her efforts through comments which include the following:
• “She is very calm”
• “A charming person”
• “She always looks out for me”
• “Teaches English very well”
• “Hardworking and fun”
• “She is interactive with the students”
• “She is strict”
• Very organized”
• “I look up to her”
• “Always pushes students and ensure that we do our work/best”
• “She manages her time well on order to achieve her main goal”

Ms. Cuffy received a Gift Certificate of $100 for purchases at a place of her choice.


Mrs. Vernillia Matthew-Nation

Mrs Nation is a highly proficient classroom teacher who employs a professional approach in fulfilling her duties at the school. She engages students using a variety of learning strategies and activities in ensuring their success. As head of the school’s English Department, she consistently provides guidance and support to the teachers and students in the teaching/learning of English. Mrs Nation is commitment to meeting deadlines and contributes significantly in co-curricular activities and overall management of the school. She excels in the areas of Planning and Organization, Instructional Leadership, Classroom Instruction and Management and Professionalism.

“Mrs. Nation received a Gift Certificate of $200 for purchases at a place of her choice.

The principal expresses thanks to all members of staff at CBSS for their efforts and commitment throughout Term 3 of this academic year, in trying to ensure high standards of excellence are maintained at the school.