The Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of the Castle Bruce Secondary School (CBSS) congratulate the “TEACHERS OF THE TERM”.

They are Rudy Francis (Teacher of the Term), Elodie Patrick (Aspiring Teacher of the Term) and Keturah Alfred (Head of Department of the Term).

At the end of Term 1, the school recognized a teacher from three (03) categories:
-Teacher of the Term (An outstanding teacher, in the profession for five or more years)
-Aspiring Teacher of the Term (An outstanding teacher, in the profession for less than five years)
-Head of Department of the Term– (An outstanding Head of Department)

The “The Teacher of the Term” initiative is in keeping with the school’s motto; “Excellence is not an act but a Habit; Radiate that Vision.”

The school recognizes the consistent effort and commitment displayed by the teachers at the school. As part of the acknowledgments, the selected teachers were presented to the entire student body during final assembly, and rewarded with a gift certificate. The teachers will also receive a certificate of recognition and a badge to be worn during Term 2. The teacher’s photos were taken to be displayed at the school.

The Teacher of the Term and Aspiring Teacher of the Term were selected based on the following criteria:
– Planning and Preparation
– The Instructional Process,
– Classroom management
– Assessment of Students’ Learning
– Interpersonal Relations
– Professionalism.

The Head of Department of the term was selected based on the following criteria:
– Planning and Organization
– Curriculum Management
– Instructional Leadership
– Classroom Instruction
– Interpersonal Relations
– Professionalism.

The selection process was based on recommendations made by the Heads of Departments (HODs), an appraisal of teachers’ performance (executed by the Principal, deputies and HODs on a termly basis) and nominations by students (with justifications) conducted through survey among the student body. Additionally, feedback from a survey conducted among staff members on the performance of the school’s management team (Principal, deputies and HODs) was also used to inform the selection process.


Rudy Francis

Mr. Francis plays an instrumental role in the life of the Castle Bruce Secondary School, and therefore comes highly recommended by his Heads of Departments to receive the title of “Teacher of the Term”. He is vivacious and a committed staff member. Mr. Francis’ areas of proficiency include Planning and Preparation, Lesson Delivery, Classroom Management, and Assessment of students’ learning, Teacher-students relationships and his involvement in Extra-curricular activities. He coordinates the efforts of the School’s Student Council and is also an outstanding Form Teacher. Mr. Francis emerged among the most popular teachers based on the survey conducted among students and dominated the competition in his form class, Form 4-2. The students justified their nominations of Mr. Francis with multiple inspiring and positive comments which include the following:
– “He explains clearly”
– “He is fun and wants his students to do well
– “He doesn’t take ‘No” for and answer”
– “Very understanding”
– “A caring person towards grades and he is also strict”
– “His teaching is very serious”
– “He teaches well and knows how to put order”
– “He is there when we need him”
– “He helps me throughout school”
– “He helps me when I need help in all subjects that I am failing”

Mr. Francis received a Gift Certificate of $100 for purchases at a place of his choice


Elodie Patrick

Miss Patrick joined the CBSS family in September this year. Though ‘new’ and ‘young in the classroom,’ she has proven to be a highly productive teacher. She excelled in areas of Instructional Process, Classroom Management, Interpersonal Relations and Professionalism. She was nominated resoundingly by students across the form levels. The students’ justified their nomination of Ms. Patrick through a variety of comments, which included the following:
– “Shows patience with students.”
– “She teaches for you to understand”
– “She is understanding and patient”
– “She teaches in fun ways”
– “A hard working teacher”
– “An excellent teacher”
– “She’s very friendly, respectful and kind”
– “She teaches well”
– “She is fun and full of ideas”

Ms. Patrick received a Gift Certificate of $75 for purchases at a place of her choice.


Keturah Alfred

Ms. Alfred, in the eyes of many, personifies hard work, dedication, passion and commitment. She is an outstanding classroom teacher who consistently seeks to derive innovative ways to facilitate teaching and learning. As Head of the school’s Math Department, she provides tremendous instructional guidance and support to the teachers of her department and willingly assists teachers of other departments where necessary. She displays a high level of commitment to the success of the school as a whole and works closely with the school Principal and deputies, providing ideas and support. Ms. Alfred excels in the areas of Planning and Organization, Curriculum Management,Instructional Leadershipand Classroom Instruction.

The survey among the teaching staff revealed comments such as:
– “She is well-organized”
– “A motivator”
– “She is very detailed and accurate in planning”
– “She maintains a good rapport with teachers”
– “She is a Hard worker”
– “She is committed/dedicated to work”
– “she is very understanding”
– “She has brilliant ideas”
– “She is very knowledgeable about Math and CSEC”
– “She work well with and collaborates with others”
Ms. Alfred received a Gift Certificate of $200 for purchases at a place of her choice.

The Principal expresses thanks to all members of staff at CBSS for their efforts and commitment throughout Term 1 of this academic year, in ensuring high standards of excellence are maintained at the school.

‘Teacher of the Term’ will be celebrated every term during the Academic year.

The Castle Bruce Secondary School is currently seeking sponsorship from the private sector to assist in awarding its Teacher of the Term. Interested parties can contact the school at Tel # 4460531/2772862/6128391 or email us at