Members of the Charlotte Empowerment Committee put their shoulders to the debris for a cleaner Newtown

Members of the Charlotte Empowerment Committee put their shoulders to the debris, for a cleaner Newtown

“Be the change you want to see” says the popular adage.  A great motto indeed, for if we’re not willing to work towards the ideal we wish to see in our surroundings, then who will?  A dynamic group of young people from Newtown got together with a common goal in mind: working towards uplifting the community; hence the emergence of the “Charlotteville Empowerment Committee”, a recently formed, community-based organization geared towards overall development of the people of Newtown and neighboring communities.

One of the main activities on the Committee’s work agenda is the long overdue celebration of “Fete Charlotteville”; a celebration of cultural heritage in Newtown and environs, which showcases the talent and contributions of community residents in fields such as sports, academia, skilled work and community service, whilst highlighting significant economic prospects namely in the areas of fisheries, tourism and entrepreneurship.

Although there has been a negative stigma attached to the village, a lot of positivity has come from the area, including outstanding performances in various fields and involvement in nation building.  The group’s first major undertaking has been a “Bayside Clean-up” which has been taking place over the past three Sundays, and is a continuous effort at upkeep of the village. The Charlotteville Empowerment Committee intends to highlight the many attributes of the bay side, such as boosting of aquatic sports, development as a tourism site and use as a venue for entertainment.

The Charlotteville Empowerment Committee solicits the support of the public, in our quest to build up young people of Newtown, and society by extension.

A "Bayside Clean-up" was the group's first major undertaking

A “Bayside Clean-up” was the group’s first major undertaking




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