Anika Browne

She wrote about her experience in China, and for her trouble has been awarded 1st place in the English category of the “China in my eyes” essay competition organized by the Roseau-based Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Education.

Anika Browne is the daughter of former United Workers Party parliamentarian Abraham “Smiley” Browne.

She was among the success stories given prizes for their writing prowess, sharing their thoughts on their impressions of China when they visited or studied in that Asian country.

“I basically wrote about my social experience, some of my studies and how the Chinese and their relationship with us was very mutual, they encouraged us, they helped us when we were unable to speak the language,” Browne told DNO.

She disclosed that she “endured a lot of hardship” because of the difficulty with the language “but by studying daily I was able to overcome”.

Communist country China is not a democratic state, something some Dominicans are worried about because of the diplomatic relations between Beijing and Roseau.

Browne says she basically had the same impression before she went to China.

“But when I went there you can see that the Chinese there are very friendly people.  Everywhere has racism but most of them they were able to help us.  Yes it’s a communist country, but I guess every country has their different cultures but really it’s a very good experience for one,” she said.

“I had a lot of freedom in China,” she insisted when pressed about whether she was affected by how non-Democratic China is governed.

She studied marketing management, and now boasts of being a proud employee of Dominica Brewery and Beverages Limited.

She says she is “fluent enough” in Chinese and has served as an interpreter to the Government of Dominica on occasion.

Browne was given a plaque and a cash prize, with similar prizes awarded to Kyle Gordon who placed second in the English category and police officer Ainsworth Irish third.

In the Chinese Category, where the essay had to be penned in Chinese, Patricia Mills who is still studying in China at the moment, took the top prize.

Her prize included the sum of EC$1200.00.

Second place went to Casius Darroux and third place – Vernelle Samuel.

Second place winner Kyle Gordon

Third place winner Ainsworth Irish