The Trafalgar Falls will be visited by Kayla Brewster. Photo credit:

Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) and The Precious Touch Foundation Inc. have joined forces to make a little girl’s dream come true.

Kayla Brewster, 12, from Barbados, is suffering from chronic diabetes and her wish was to see the waterfalls of the Nature Island of Dominica. The Precious Touch Foundation Inc. contacted the Discover Dominica Authority to grant the wish of Kayla Brewster. The Precious Touch Foundation Inc. is a non-profit charitable Organization which was launched on November 24, 2007 in Barbados.

The Organization is dedicated to the granting of ‘wishes’ to children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions and children who are terminally ill between the ages of two and sixteen years in any of the four categories: I wish to be…..I wish to have….. I wish to meet….. and I wish to go…..

The Discover Dominica Authority after receiving the request from the organization  organized a tour to two of our premier waterfalls Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool on Monday March 28th, for Kayla, her parents and two-representatives of the Foundation, Adorial Maxwell- Hazel, Founder/President and Mrs. Eleanor Brown, Public Relation Officer.

The Discover Dominica Authority is happy to assist the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. in helping make Kayla’s wish a reality. “We were very pleased to hear of such a request and from so near,” commented Head of Marketing, Elizabeth Wayland. “The Discover Dominica Authority is honored to be able to bring joy,  happiness and a sense of comfort to the heart of this special child as well as create a magical “WISH” experience for Kayla which will last a lifetime in the hearts of all those involved in the ‘WISH’”.

The children who are ill are referred to the Foundation by a parent, guardian, family member, friend of the family, a doctor or medical professional treating the child. In order for a child to qualify for a wish, the child must meet the criteria which states that he/she must be diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, confirmed and verified by a medical professional.

The wish is then chosen by the child and approved by the Precious Touch Foundation Inc., and then the ‘WISH’ team sets out to make it come true. In the event that the child is unable to have his/her wish granted for medical reasons, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. will delay the wish until it is medically convenient for the child. However, the wish will not be delayed beyond the child’s 18th birth date. The group will be on island from March 27th to April 2nd.  During their stay they will be visiting several other attractions on the island.

The Authority will hold a press conference on Tuesday 29th March to highlight the positive publicity this initiative deserves and the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. will take the opportunity to introduce their Wish Granting Program to the public in an effort to share and extend this special project to the medically challenged children of Dominica.

The Discover Dominica Authority would like to encourage groups such as this Foundation to continue to do the good work in improving the lives of young people.