critiqueThe poem ‘Champagne Reef ‘, by lecturer Mr. Joel Challenger currently a staff member and lecturer and the Dominica State College, is an interesting and original piece of work.

This piece brought out a peaceful and calming beach experience from start to finish. It describes a well-known Dominican beach and anyone reading it would identify it instantly. It technically takes you to a relaxing mood. Anyone who reads this will be encouraged to visit the beach as well as Dominica.

It can be given great regards since it a *Sicilian Tercet. Each sentence has ten (10) syllables, however there is no *Iambic Pentameter which is a slight disappointment. On the other hand, regards are given for the tremendous and excellent flow of words and authentic rhymes. These work together perfectly and help create a musical beat when reciting the poem.

In all, the poem is of high regards and is a great piece.

*Sicilian Tercet: A type of poem originated from Sicily, which consists of a rhyme scheme ABA and three lines in each stanza.
*Iambic Pentameter: A metrical foot in poetry one stressed syllable and one unstressed syllable.

Champagne Reef by Joel Challenger

Dive and enjoy the fizz from the Champaign
As the coral reef looks on at this sight.
Bubbles floating like a carnival train.

Ascending to the surface, tough terrain.
A steep climb, yet they pour out into the light,
As lookers gawk at this picturesque frame.

Many travelers have through shine or rain
Descended on the magnificent flight
Of colorful creatures swimming in plain

Vibrant paths, still untarnished by the stain
Of man’s recklessness, and conquering might.
Gaze voyagers, by this magic be slain.

The deeper you dive, the warmer the vein
Of bubbles gush from the corals, a bright
Melodic view, its beauty on all reins.

Visit often, keep it clean and refrain
From destroying nature, but speak or write
Sing or dream of this great reef of Champaign.

Marsha Horsford is a student of the Dominica State College