e-markingThe need for educators to mark exams manually for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) will soon be history as that organization seeks more cost cutting measures in its operation.

CXC is now moving into the direction of electronic marking.

“CXC, like everywhere else, we have to look for cost saving ways of doing things effectively,” local CXC registrar, Catherine Daniel said recently.

Teachers who has been trained, including some Dominicans, no longer have to travel to mark the exams, hence cutting back on costs.

Daniel noted that e-marking has other advantages.

“One of the effectiveness of that system is the correctness of getting the children’s scores,” She pointed out. “Because doing it manually you have human error but the system was so geared that the scores would be corrected.”

She stated that so far trials for the new system was successful, adding that come next year almost most subjects will be marked electronically.

“Very few subjects will be marked on a face to face marking system,” she stated.

The e-marking system was first introduced last year when two subjects, Integrated Science and Physics were e-marked and this year that number was increased to seven subjects.

These subjects are: all sciences, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Principles of Business and Accounts.

The CXC has in addition announced that in 2015 it will be moving to nursing exams and by October will be testing for the liscensing of nurses.