Mary Roberts (in blue) with members of DMA and scholarship recipients

President of the Dominica Bar Association (DBA) Mary Roberts has said that recipients of the DBA Tropical Storm Erika Relief Scholarship continue to excel at secondary school.

She was speaking at the presentation of cheques totaling $2,000 to four Secondary School students as part of the Association’s Erika Relief efforts.

The scholarships amounting to $500 each were first made available in 2015 by the DBA and the sister OECS Bar Associations following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika which struck Dominica on August 27th.

The students who benefited were as follows: Alandra Titre and Tyra Francis of the St Martin Secondary School, Elian Thomas of the Pierre Charles Secondary School and Nesta Francis student of the Dominica Grammar School.

“We are very proud to announce that all of our scholarship recipients are excelling in their various fields of study,” she revealed.

According to Roberts, the students brought in their school reports and, “they are doing very well and their behavior; A’s all the way through.”

“Excellent performance not only their academic performance but their behavior,” she stated. “We saw that these were students who were very deserving of the scholarships…”

Roberts mentioned that the first scholarship was awarded to Elian Thomas in 2015 and the three other students mentioned above applied in 2016.

“The students come from communities that were affected and impacted severely by Tropical Storm Erika,” she said.

Roberts urged students to continue to excel and make themselves and parents proud.

“We want to continue to wish them well as they continue to excel in what they are doing, because with education we know that the sky’s the limit and we encourage them to read and to respect their adults, parents and students, and teachers at the schools that they attend,” she said.

She thanked the members of the public for their continued support of the DBA in its efforts to execute their social responsibility.

Nesta Francis

Elian Thomas

Alandra Titre

Trya Francis