Tourism students of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in St. Lucia display water received from their counterparts in Dominica

Following the hurricane in St. Lucia in October 2010, students of the  Tourism Club at the Dominica State College took the initiative to raise funds to purchase water for their fellow students at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in St. Lucia.

The students with the help of the Director of the Tourism and Hospitality Programme, Katie Julien, raised funds through donation sheets.

Thirty five cases of water were purchased from Dominica Breweries and shipped to St. Lucia with the assistance of Sunrise Shipping Agency.

The water was well received by the students at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College who sent letters of appreciation to the Dominica State College and the Tourism Club.

The president of the college said he was pleased that the students on their own took the initiative to reach out to provide assistance to their fellow students in St. Lucia in their time of need.  He said this act manifests the willingness to take time to help others.