Mayma Raphael

Dominican-born Mayma Raphael has penned a children’s book titled “I Love the Skin I am In!”

According to the author, she was inspired by her 4 year old daughter who was very interested in color, and was curious enough to ask questions about her own skin color.

“The book is light-hearted, fun and deals with the issues of identity from a child’s perspective. The great thing about the book is that it can be appreciated by every child as it lends itself to a very positive message to all children, that skin color is only on the outside,” Raphael says of her publication.

“It is available for all families who are seeking to enlighten and empower their children of every color”.

Promotional material explains that Ruby, a curious little girl, engages the reader in a wonderful dialogue with her mother, and that “I Love the Skin I’m In!” uniquely expresses rhythmic responses to curious questions about skin color.

It says the book creates a beautiful rainbow of harmonious expressions of tolerance, self-acceptance and love of oneself, and is a simplified way of explaining to children that “regardless of skin color we are more alike than we are different”.