Dr. Blaize said the students did well

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Blaize has said despite challenges students were faced with following Hurricane Maria they still performed “very well” at the 2018 Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA).

He was speaking at the official launching of a one-week, ‘Teacher Professional Development’ summer training workshop held at the Newtown Primary School earlier this week.

“I mean if you look at the results of the Grade six National Assessment you will see that our students did very well, and we have been doing internal analysis of the performance of students and one of the observations that we made is that even this year our students, in terms of those who were performing below par have done much better this year,” he said.

Dr. Blaize continued, “And I think something about the human factor that really kicks in under trying circumstances that make you do what you would not have normally done, and I think sometimes in challenges we rise above and our students really did that.”

He also thanked the teachers, principals and parent community for standing with the Ministry of Education working collaboratively to ensure that all schools performed excellently.