Dominica State College (DSC) is pleased to announce its newest department, The Division of General Studies.

General Studies has as its base mandate, “to guide students who are undecided about their path of study.” We recognize that while many students know from the get-go what their career goal is, there are those who are still unsure and need more time to discern what they truly want to pursue. General Studies will provide that support, offering these students an introduction into various disciplines as well as Career Guidance.

Students can then make a determination as to what major(s) they are interested in enrolling into or actually graduate with an Associates in General Studies, a trend becoming increasingly popular among many international universities.

General Studies hopes to work with students from as early as the high School level, to make wise, practical decisions about their future and to anticipate the college experience.

In addition to Undecided majors, this new division also intends to forge a relationship with our Dominican community, providing continuing education and constant opportunities for self-development. Short Empowerment courses, specifically suited to our local situation, will be offered to the general public.

These courses fall under three genres: Business, Civic Mindedness and Personal Development. DSC has been working diligently with stakeholders from the business and cultural communities in designing the various courses to be offered. Likewise, individuals wanting to upgrade themselves, and make up for lost time, can now have the opportunity to undertake their full education journey with us, from adult literacy to CXC to an Associate’s degree.

Dominica State College takes seriously its responsibility for providing a sound education to every citizen of this nation, and as such, is committed to doing whatever is necessary to encourage and facilitate learning so that our students, of all ages, can ably survive in this competitive global market.