Education, health at the top of PM’s agenda for 2011

PM Skerrit at Red Day event.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has promised that much attention will be placed on the health and education sectors in 2011.

Speaking at the Red Day event at Macoucherie Beach on Sunday, Skerrit said that the state-of-the-art hospital which will be constructed next year will alleviate much of the problems facing the sector.

“Going into 2011 is a very exciting year for us and one of my gravest concerns is the area of health care ladies and gentlemen. Too many of our people have to go to Antigua and elsewhere…. Martinique and Guadeloupe to get basic medical attention. I give you an assurance here tonight that as long as God give us health and strength these things will stop when we build the state-of-the-art modern  hospital to be financed by the government of China,” he said.

“We have to continue to work to improve the facilities and the services we have to ensure that we can stay right here in Dominica and get the best medical care,” he stated.

He also said that education will also be a focus for his administration in the coming year.

“We gave our commitment to our young people in Dominica that we will continue to fetch opportunities for them at university level…the hundreds of Dominica young people who are today at various universities across the world all because of the commitment and the compassion and the love o0f the Dominica Labour Party,” he said.

“In 2011 you will see the commencement of the construction of the state college for our young Dominicans to attend and to sit into a modern facility. Gone are the days when college education was for a few in Dominica. Dominica Labour Party has opened up opportunities for our young people,” he added.

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  1. Miss J
    December 29, 2010

    When we speak and make reference to our leaders we need to have respect and set a better example for younger ones like my self.
    Our Honorable Prime Minister is embarking on worthy agendas.
    Do you knot know the ‘WEALTH OF A NATION IS THE HEALTH OF A NATION’?
    Furthermore, education is the key to a better future and more opportunities.

    Speaking out of ignorance (the lack of knowledge!) is largely due to a lack of education, sad– but consider this:

    Both agendas will stimulate opportunities for employment and in effect economic growth.
    Firstly, education will open up the minds of young people especially at a university level. With this they will be in a
    These social ills happen on a larger scale where people are uneducated and are idle.

    Secondly, better health care will definitely lead to more social stability. Instability occurs when there are pandemics that
    cannot be treated here. Contagious ones can greatly impact the society negatively, including the much needed the tourism industry, business sectors and
    educational institutions.

    Finally, the Government will and can only do so much in a given time. We the people need to be innovative and
    develop the private sector creating jobs and helping the economic growth of our country. With education we can
    do this and better health care would play a crucial role.

    I support the Honorable Prime Minister as he endeavors and bring to fruition these agendas.

    If you disagree you are ignorant!

  2. Typical D/can
    December 26, 2010

    This dude is clown, ridiculous if ask me. His claim that there are hundreds of D/cans studying in universities all over the world are false, and of the small amount studying there are only a handful that intend to return to d/ca. It is true that the health and education are important sectors, but this fool keeps forgetting the most important sector year after year and personally i am sick of this shit. Agriculture needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed quickly. A lot of us are aware of the global situation involving food security. this man fails to realize that times are drastic and if we cant hold our own and feed our people we will be in serious trouble. Agriculture and food safety has economic, environmental and social implications which must be recognized by our present gov’t. Our country has some of the most fertile lands in the caribbean and yet we have little or nothing to show for it; Mr Skerrit where are the agro industries which will propel our economy into stability. Instead of processing food we import from countries with inferior soils.
    we only had one agro processing company in Bello who had a brand of pepper sauce respected by many, this company sank because of certain irregularities. It is of note that the Gov’t had a fantastic opportunity to step in and provide the necessary resources and finances to help this company stay afloat but they failed to do so. Instead they chose to chase the tourist and their US$. Now that it is clear that the tourism industry has failed our dear PM has turned to communist nations such as venezuela and china for help. this man signs contracts and does all sort of things without the consent of the people, he is a power hungry fool who will make decisions today without a thought for the morrow. He continues to take handouts from these countries in the name of progress but very few of us know that this man is trying to send us back into bandage under two nations which are known to be racist.

  3. c bruce
    December 24, 2010

    there was already evening classes at the college

    demand was low so it stopped

  4. no polictics
    December 24, 2010

    where are the jobs. where is the increase in pay.. where d jobs. u just dure foolin ppl with talk about state of the art hospital which might take 4 hrs and a half to complete and the remaining 6 months u going and try to fool dominicans to vote you back in so that it can be completed because it suppose to be a good thing for the country. you already have ur plans set in stone to try stay another 5 yrs. no jobs, no increase in ppl salary but vat goin up n gift for hospital.

    why u doe improve d one we have dure n use that money for something else useful to develop the country. wastin time tellin ppl fixin road is development. ppl tax money tht suppose to fix roads but labour hv it like is soo much a big progress.

    wake up my fellow dominicans stop being fooled the man just love dominicans to beg him for bread make him feel like a GOD. allu will regret. gud for all dominicans tht put tht man n his evil engineers in power.

    • Gen
      December 24, 2010

      you are so foolish, you need Good Education to do any job. The world is jobless and Dominica is in the world. Good thing PM prepare for when the investers come in.

      • December 27, 2010

        You know what! Education is a good thing. I am very glad that our PM is putting his best foot forward to develop the education of his people, but what I can’t understand is where are the jobs?
        For God sake we are very rich in resources, why can’t the government help build factories and put people to work? All this Focus on education alone is to drive our people to other destinations and leave d chinese and dem overcrowd the country. Sooner or later Dominican’s will be called Chinycans.

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  5. PAIN
    December 23, 2010

    Mr Prime Minister good ideas, but remember Education and Jobs work Hand in Hand.

    With all your education and there’s no income, you are as helpless as the man on the street.

    Mr. Prime Minister good news, Health and Sanitation works hand in hand.

    Happy Holidays.

    • ghetto youth fr senjo
      December 24, 2010

      yea …speaking of which is there anything at all on d employment agency…..anything at all…or hasnt it been 90 days?

  6. Dominican
    December 23, 2010

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Darmed if the PM do, Darmed if he dont! Give the man a break!

      December 25, 2010

      it seems that you are one who will be needing the education just that you might have to start at primary school to learn subject verb agreement. we say * he doesn’t* not* he don’t*. but of course i understand your level of ignorance. LMFAO

  7. continued development
    December 23, 2010


  8. lespwi mal papai
    December 23, 2010

    He is King of the Land, so let the man rule!!

  9. DA man
    December 23, 2010

    so many educated young people in dominica with no job. job creation should be your top piority you never adress that you want them to stay jobless so that they can beg you for hand out from all the money you pocketing from tax payers shame on you for fool the people

  10. only
    December 23, 2010

    If that is true, his first mission should be to ensure quality control measures on the bulk food goods coming into this country that may be contaminated, e.g. Dexia

  11. just facts
    December 23, 2010

    Modern State of the art hospital to be built or to start being built? If is modern state of the art then it will take long time to build and equip. Now Mr Skerrit you need to make the completion of the NECS a priority put the covering of the walkway on so that students and teachers can move when its raining. Dont mind that the principal and teachers and parents dont mind how it is. Put the covering on the auditorium and take off the plastic fake tarpaulin that there and papa God Mr Skerrit officially open the school. Let somebody sprinkle little holy water on it.

    Building new state college not going to advance education. Put the correct people in place to run secondary schools and districts. Get rid of the cronyism that crippling education. Am an educator so I know. And let all those people you sending away in the lietral term sign bond for the money they receiving. Not much of them returning right? And finally Mr Skerrit fix up the Marigot Hospital and fire station. For a starter ensure that you have 50 stretchers on standby. Put back in the Marigot Hospital the Xray machine and all the other things your party took out in the 80’s. In fact you can buil the new one there. Nuff flat land in the Melville Hall area.

    • Reason
      December 24, 2010

      “Put back in the Marigot Hospital the Xray machine and all the other things your party took out in the 80′s.” The Dominica Labour Party DLP was NOT in government during the 1980s.

      • c bruce
        December 24, 2010

        HELLO!……. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!


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      • just facts
        December 24, 2010

        Thanks for educating the Reason who knows nothing about Skerrit. I don’t know why these people think that labour is running the country.

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  12. Fairplay
    December 23, 2010

    Who Jah Bless no man curse. 8)

  13. Anti-corruption advocate
    December 23, 2010

    The public needs anti-corruption to be added to that agenda and be placed in the #1 slot.

  14. JIM
    December 23, 2010

    This is a worried face boy!!!!..MANY TIMES WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE HAUNT YOU WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE..

  15. LABOUR
    December 23, 2010

    see de man face nuh?..haha

    • Southern Voice
      December 23, 2010

      Pay Choow La !! Labour Power!

  16. great one
    December 23, 2010

    just do things my brother

  17. Ibn Gabrioli
    December 23, 2010

    Stop the press!!

    Somebody must warn PM Skerrit that next to defending the Constitution, especially against foreign aggression, his second most important responsibility, as leader of Government, is job creation.

    The programs identified in his celebration speech are well underway. They are a fait accompli and do not require any more massaging, really.

    Rather than wasting additional political capital on the afore-named programs, Mr. Skerrit should place laser-beam focus on the problem of creating jobs for the out-of-work, for the underemployed, and for those aspiring to more lucrative positions on the job market in Dominica.

    Somebody must tell PM Skerrit that His New-Year’s resolution should be: to require and engage his Cabinet, along with the Opposition, the DAIC and those in-between, around credible plans and policies for encouraging sustainable employment creation throughout Dominica, including, for a change, the major population centers outside of Roseau.

    Mr. Skerrit should challenge himself and his advisers to come up with revolutionary plans and policies. They ought to consider the following question in their negotiations:

    How is Marigot, the Kalinago Territory, St. Joseph, Portsmouth, Grandbay, La Plain and Castle Bruce uniquely situated so as to incubate and create employment opportunities and prosperity for workers within and outside of their boundaries?

    Nice of Mr. Skerrit to “throw his supporters a bone,” at a time when he is under so much pressure from the opposition, with its stirring call for him to demit his office on grounds that he lied on his nomination paper – in “reckless” disregard for a Constitutional mandate that those seeking electoral office in Dominica do not do so.

    The matter is making its way through the High Court, and until the query is decided, PM Skerrit should not simply repeat his legacy at every opportunity and hope that supporters will always love, revere and defend him.

    Instead, it is in this: the erection of widespread, viable jobs for those who want and need to work that Mr. Skerrit has the best chance of staving off the galloping cloud of suspicion around his personal problems threatening to envelop him and possibly send him into political oblivion.

    • as i see it
      December 23, 2010

      be a man and resign like the lady in jamaica
      you to chicken th do that

    • Bouche Kabwit
      December 23, 2010

      The end of your piece is all that was needed. Day after day Skerrit little fat face begins to resemble BabyDoc Duvalieur’s.Is Skerro a Pork lover? He sure ‘s developing some fatty tissue around the face. wonder if he is waiting on the new hospital in warner to have his apparent high cholesterol looking self checked?All the chinese might have for us at that to be hospital might be accupunture.
      Now i see why Ferreira the doc withthe chip on his shoulder got into trouble with Skerrit et al over building a clinic in St.Joe.
      Reiterating Skerrit better get sensible and check himself instead of thinking up his next looting on poor dominica. if he fails too we might have our third dead P.M in office.

    • Zenfan Morchoroh
      December 23, 2010

      The last tme i checked Dominica was still a free market{Capitalist style} society. I urge you and others to call on the private sector, to step up to the plate and take its rightful place, and play its part.Let me take this opportunity to recognise the companies that have and are still playing their part by investing / expanding thus creating employment for our people. THANK YOU.
      where you around in the 1980’s when mighty spider sang a calypso that went something like that ? who you see investing,
      who you see expanding
      private sector what are you waiting for
      are you not eager to invest no more
      any time we meet, even when we greet
      all i do is smile and say hello, hypocrites.
      Before freedom come, they were scared of john ( Former p.m. Patrick R John )
      now their party won not a damn thing is done,
      Now there ‘s something to think about. I hope you get some information from that.

    • the d
      December 23, 2010

      hey idiot building a hospital is creating jobs.

      • storm
        December 23, 2010

        really, for whom, the Chinese. The PM just want people to stay poor and unemployed, begging for bread. Please, give us jobs! We have enough scholarships. What are we going to do with it after we return? Sit at home? These people in power have no foresight.

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      • annoyed!
        December 24, 2010

        Fool… like the previous person stated.. building a hospital is creating employement – however it is creating employment for competent and skillfull people. It now means that more students can go overseas on the same scholarships you talking about and study more within the healthcare arena. A state of the art hospital is very much necessary and Dominicans should attempt to be less ignorant. In essence everyone is going to benefit from that facility. As it is right now hardly anyone wants to go to PMH to seek medical attention because of fright and not so much confidence in 1. the staff 2. lack of equipment. You don’t necessarily have to like the PM or his party, but you should realize when progress is in place and we as a people should accept it for what it is!

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  18. A Government That's Working
    December 23, 2010

    Way to go Big man. God Bless Skerrit, God Bless Dominica

    • c bruce
      December 24, 2010




  19. Hey just giving my two cents
    December 23, 2010

    K way to go PM.

    Father in Heaven we thank you for what you have let us achieve thus this far. We praise you as a Nation. We also praise you for the Opposition as well. We ask to convict them and let them confess to you that it is about Nation building and not our selfish means. We ask you that you do whatever is your will to keep our Nation at peace and free from civil unrest. Touch hearts now and make a difference in our country at this time. You have brought us this far. We see other nations now going the way we have already gone. We remember the austerity measures we had to take and we thank you that we came out of it triumphantly. We have seen the results and we thank you for giving us that resilient attitude that was needed. We thank you for our leaders especially our PM who is the financial administrator at this time. Give him wisdom as you gave Solomon. We ask you to send your waring angels to protect and guide him. We claim and we decree that no weapon formed against him and his team shall prosper in the Name of your Son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

    We praise and worship because you alone are the Almighty God and we ask you to bring us closer together as we go into the year 2011 as we tackle Education and Health care for our people. Yes Father unite us as one. We pray that those in the dark will first see your light and will see the need to come together to build this Nation of the Lord. We ask to forgive those of us who have sinned against you in our quest for recognition, power and position by doing wrong things example slander , jealousy and hatred. We bind all the evil spirits of Anger, Jealousy, envious and slander and gossip in our communities.
    We ask for all this thru your son Jesus.

    Let us move forward in peace and love in the year 2011. God Bless all the inhabitants of Dominica.

    • youthermist
      December 24, 2010

      @just giving my two cents:
      I suppose your religious parable is welcome my many christians at this time of the year. Well as a heathen, i would like to inject some fun and humour into the proceedings.
      The paragraph which reads “We praise and worship because you alone are the almighty god” should be phrased like this: WE PRAISE AND WORSHIP BECAUSE YOU ALONE ARE THE ALMIGHTY SKERRITT. Doesn’t that read more like a leader who is taking his people to the promise land..

    • Seneca
      December 26, 2010

      Fellow Christian, God will answer your prayer, don’t be troubled GOD is for Skeritt and Dominica will be blessed because of the wisdom of him. Dominicans really need to be educated about development strategies. The jealousy is that many are suprised and ashamed to see that a young man can inspire many and make wonders happen in DOMINICA, I ADMIRE HIM.

  20. We are not for sale
    December 23, 2010

    Tell me Mr. P. M are the state -of -the art hospital and the state college a GIFT from the government of China? When will you reveal the real deal to your fellow Dominicans? Or maybe it will be revealed when future generations realise that they have become the new TIBET? Stop fooling yourselves dominicans. You are receiving too many gifts from the red state. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!

  21. Reon
    December 23, 2010

    Good Job PM..!! I am not bias…I don’t play party politics. Good is good and bad is bad!!!
    Some criticize you and have nothing good to say when you are doing something productive, others support you when some of your judgments are questionable but I am a true DA man with DA at heart.

    Good job – getting DA this hospital, because this have been of grave concerned to the likes of me wanting to come back to my country. You got my support man but if you wrong your boy will tell you how it is!!!

  22. LAWYER
    December 23, 2010


    • Screen GENERATION
      December 24, 2010

      . . . and back in office when??

      • c bruce
        December 24, 2010

        2020 when he finally gets out of jail

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  23. mr. wung futin
    December 23, 2010

    Health Education is very viltal for Dominica, we have a very small population, and the situation in D A, not encouraging people to make children as fast as they are going, by means of ,( migration, violence, fustration, crack n cocaine, and now KFC and PIZZA)we need our future to be secure through the kids, so i hope we can put emphasis on the teaching of good dieting, that will lessing the burden on the medical system, with the wave of obesity that is slowly washing on Dominica’s shores;Don’t forget Dr. CHUBBY MARK’s teachings in song . BRING BACK THE MILK AND HONEY and the BUSH medicine; AGRICULTURE is DOMINICA’s savior; GOOD LUCK P M and may JAH GUIDE YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, FOR THE SAKE OF THE NATION.

  24. Anti- Chris Columbus
    December 23, 2010

    Great news for Dominica and Dominicans. Thanks to PM Skerrit Dominica is on a high with a string of positive developments.

    Way to Go PM. God blessing to you and your government. May God continue to bless you in 2011. We love you big time.

  25. Anonymous
    December 23, 2010

    Great news for Dominica and Dominicans. Are we on a high now with a string of positive new development. Way to go PM Skerrit and whilst I’m at it Best wishes to you and ur Government for 2011.

  26. Mystikal
    December 23, 2010

    This is all good but our local construction and engineering firms and citizens alike, should benefit in these new developments. It’s all Chinese. As a soon-to-graduate civil engineering student, it concerns me. It also makes me think twice about returning home next year when I am done. The opportunities are not given to us through local firms or even via government. It’s a shame. The government and the private sector as well, under-utilize the skills that we Dominicans possess. Just imagine someone with a degree in Chemical engineering or Tourism Management may only get to work teaching Chemistry or Integrated Science or Social studies and English Language respectively at secondary school?. We need better employment back home in which the stalk-holders will make better use of the skills and education we have to have a better impact on the development of Dominica. Mark you, I am not saying that we do not need qualified teachers with degrees. I believe secondary and even primary school teachers should equipped themselves with degrees but specialized in education and subject focused areas.

    • Anonymous
      December 24, 2010

      I understand your point. However, after studying abroad I am sure you have realized that your job encompasses working weekends, late night – or just plain out being flexible. In Dominica there is this notion that work is supposed to be mon-fri 8-4. This I believe is a major hindrance in progess and it affects who gets hired for the position. The chinese and haitians alike will toil irrespective of the conditions but our natives wouldn’t. Don’t be discouraged, if you prove to have the credentials necessary I am sure something will give!

  27. worried dominican
    December 23, 2010

    wow skerro cant wait to see the hospital.

  28. The Natural Truth
    December 23, 2010


    You are up to the minute and I appreciate that. Am on your web site every day first thing in the morning. But this story should not cloud whats really going on in Dominica this present moment.

    Do you know that the Public Works Corporation has not paid its employees for two weeks. The employees are at the port right now demanding pay before they work. Its two days before Christmas and people are scrambling to figure whats going to happen to them in such a time of need. And you talking about Skerrit’s health and education plans. We going to have alot of sick people if they can not get paid to take care of themselves. I don’t understand this so call SURPLUS Blackmoore is bragging about.

    For months truckers and contractors have not gotten paid…where is your story on that…speak to the local man’s issues he is responsible for moving our country too.

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      December 24, 2010

      The Natural Truth

      Oh dear! This sounds awful! But that is, if the story is not exaggerated–overstated or blown-up. How can people work for months without getting paid, or why would they not receive a paycheque for the Christmas Holidays? That is the time that most employees should receive a back-pay, along with a Christmas Party from their employer.

  29. follower
    December 23, 2010

    Even if our young people are well educated and cannot get are job when they come back means nothing. In fact I know many, many, many Dominicans who got the so called government scholarship to study in the US and most of them are out of school and will not go back to DA because they know their is nothing for them. It’s good for the PM to have a vision to educate our young people but he needs to concentrate on job creation as a priority, though he has failed to do that in his first 8 years. I think Cuba has the most educated people in the world but because they cannot get a job most of them are risking their lives by boarding a boat to go to Florida. So education without means of employment mr PM will not solve our problem. Let’s forget about the millions of dollars you have dumped at MelvilleHall which will bring no returns, and concentrate on building an International Airport, which will create employment for our young people including farmers and hoteliers.

    December 23, 2010


  31. In Too Deep
    December 23, 2010

    Where will it be built?

    I need more details.

    I hope we can get our people trained on using the machines/equipment and repairing them.

    We have a lot of people with College Degrees and others who are capable. Let us put them to work and build our nations health.

  32. Hugo Grotius
    December 23, 2010

    Medard u illegal u have no authority to make those statements, shut up.

  33. Gee
    December 23, 2010


    First of all…….

    The number one priority in this country should be JOBS!! JOBS!! JOBS!!!!

    It’s amazing how we in this country has given up hope that we can create jobs… we have surrender to the notion that we should just accept the lack of jobs as…….. “that’s just the way it is, we can change that,….besides we don’t even know how”!!!

    Have we notice, our politicians don’t talk about jobs! Not UWP, DLP or DFP! Why??? Because they are all helpless,hopeless and clueless!!! When they do talk about jobs, they give us a vague plan like this; …. we need to build the infrastructure so that we can increase commerce… increase commerce means more jobs…. they will continue by telling us that we will be better position to attract INVESTORS!! How many times have we heard this “investor” line??

    That’s the best jobs outlook our politicians has for us!! Have we not notice that?? No party has yet to tell us how they plan to create jobs for us here in DA!! All they will say is….. WE JUST NEED MORE INVESTORS!!!

    We seem to think that if we can not create jobs then, creating a highly educated society will take care of the jobless problem!! Sure an educated society can attract “investors”. But how has this been working for us in the last 30 years?????? So what’s the plan for our educated? Can they remain in DA with no jobs or should they run away to lands with better prospects?? You decide!!
    I have my own idea for creating jobs in DA..But I also realize that nobody listens to you unless you’re in a position of authority. So I will save my bright ideas for now.

    As for the hospital……. seeing that it will be a state of the art hospital….. how will this me maintained?? What’s the cost to “maintain” such a hospital? Where will the money come from. I mean I know the money will be coming from us by means of higher fees or taxes but the government should tell us and the news mediia should be asking for these info. As nature island this state of the art hospital should be “energy effecient”. That should be in keeping with our “natur-island” theme. It would be a shame if this new hospital will be another energy sucker!! That would not be nature friendly!! Would it?

    Look, these are just my own concerns, I’m sure you have yours. I just want to see us making progress in DA. If you don’t support my point then can you share yours??

    • youthermist
      December 25, 2010


      Highly skilled and and educated individuals like you can make a difference on the jobs situation. Its not that the government or politicians are clueless, or helpless,or hopeless, as you put it. They are doing their best to attract investment to the Island.
      Indeed its investors from abroad and also within Dominica who can create jobs.You’ve also got to remember Dominica is a tiny economy compared to other larger developing nations with populations in the millions, so investors and entrepreneurs will be looking to these markets to invest in. Its a very competitive and cut throat world we are now living in. Worldwide there are approximately 300million people without jobs maybe more, so as you can see the situation worldwide is grim. Millions of people are on the move right now looking for employment for jobs that are no longer available, so if any highly educated Dominicans are looking to flee abroad seeking better prospects i would tell them to forget it. So Gee I say to you if you have any bright ideas don’t keep it to yourself, utilize it, bring it to fruition and make a difference for yourself to others and for the country..
      Oh by the way about the state of the art hospital, i’m sure the designers and architects will take into consideration the energy efficient criteria of the construction and so In keeping with the motto of the nature Island.

  34. treachery
    December 23, 2010

    I will believe you when i see it. I am a disciple of Jesus. My name is Thomas. A promise is comfort given to a fool. I am no fool. I am still waiting for my benefits of the poverty alleviation measures you always talking about. I want to build my house. My salary is small.

    Make things better and we would be able to tell the difference. Stop making empty promises.

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      December 24, 2010

      To treachery

      Unfortunately Jesus did not commend Thomas’ attitude too highly. He was disappointed that Thomas needed to see before he believed; but He would have been delighted if Thomas had believed by faith.

      God continues to work through people in that same manner. If we wait for Him to show us the blessings before we believe He has blessed us, then He cannot do the work of blessing us through His chosen servants. Either that, or those none believers never notice God’s blessings as given to them through His servants.

      • treachery
        December 24, 2010

        Skerrit is no Jesus, and he is no servant of god. All he does is to mislead people into believing in something that is not there. He was once proclaim to be Jesus by Mathew Walter, and I am guessing you had no problem in that. I am in total agreement with you that, ”god continues to work through people in that same manner.” , however, all I am seeing is someone who rather serve himself, than do gods’ bidding. I am one of those whom recognized gods’ blessings, however, when false prophets emerges with empty promises, it is my duty to point it out to the masses.

        Before election he promise free eduction for all. poor people send their children to school thinking that it was absolutely free. They are now paying for it.

        He said he was building a $400,000 house, both you and I know it is worth more than that.

        On visa free travel to Guadeloupe. HE said that he was going to Guadeloupe without a visa knowing jolly well he was a Frenchman at the time.


        I am telling you now that this man is an impostor! He is no servant of Jesus. He is tricky and full of deception. Most of his promises are never kept. IT IS A MERE DISTRACTION.

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  35. good
    December 23, 2010

    that’s my Prime Minister. i for one went to Martinique and Guadeloupe already for treatment so it would be good if we have the facilities right there in Dominica.

  36. Possie Man
    December 23, 2010

    Kudos to you Sir,
    In anticipation of these initiatives.

    When you do good I’ll big you up … but it’s those other lil issues man … I am not gonna touch on the constitutionality of your seat. Nor the various scandals …

    The spirit of christmas is the spirit of giving so here’s a couple ideas,

    Give us about a dozen ambulances to service the various health districts too and train our firemen to the level of paramedics … better yet establish a paramedic division to the fire and ambulance services. Get the state college to run the courses ….

    In as much as i have given , lets make it reciprocal and grant my wishes


  37. Dominican in the BVI
    December 23, 2010

    this is very good indeed, we need to see more adult evening clsses at the collage too.but thats a real smart way to go . the youths are the future of the country. we also need to ensure that more factory is build and open the way for fouring investment. so that when they complet thir education they can come back and work in the country.

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