St. Jean

The Minister for Education has issued a stern warning to dead beat dads, that government will no longer tolerate what he refferrred to as their constant neglect.

Petter St. Jean says government is “fed up” with the issue of parents who neglect their children, especially fathers.

“We have too many child givers and too few fathers. Too many men in Dominican society who just see their role as giving some lady a child and when that child grows up and does well, hear them saying that’s my child,”

The Minister said legislation will be strengthened to ensure that parents who willfully abandon their children are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“I want to send a warning to parents who for whatever reason decide to neglect their children. The Education Act makes provisions for parents to be prosecuted if they renege on that responsibility and more so the fathers of Dominica,” he added.

He said the responsibility is equally that of the mother and the father, “and if we have to use the laws to pursue those delinquent fathers, we will do that”.

The education minister was addressing a consultation on Universal Early Childhood Education last week.