The scholarships were awarded on Thursday

The First Domestic Insurance Company (FDIC) has presented ten students with scholarships to pursue a secondary level education.

The scholarships were presented at the FDIC Conference Room on Thursday, August 10th 2017.

The value of the scholarships has increased from $600 in the previous years to $800 considering the increase in the cost of books, uniforms, and other necessary school supplies.

Of these ten students, four students are existing recipients while the other six students are benefitting for the first time.

The four existing recipients are Coann Lockhart; Meah Purity Andrew; Metin Enrico Brumant; Bernice Lawrence, and the new recipients are Vinera Valerie; Geony Jno. Baptiste; Justin Alexander; Jahkel Durand; Gerfran Reid and Markelia Jno. Baptiste.

Chairman of the Tonge Group of Companies, Curtis Tonge, said to the recipients that education must be valued as it is “the only way” that people are going to excel in life, and also in this regard highlighted the government financing for education as funds that have “increased substantially,” in efforts to developing the education system.

“Education is key to a good life more so now than ever before…For you young people, education is a must. It is the only way that we are going to get ahead, and for those of us who listened to the address in Parliament, you will notice that the government has increased substantially funds for education in that budget,” he said.

Tonge noted further that private sector, including FDIC, must continue to play its part in the lives of people who have no other means of getting an education, and provide such opportunities for them.

He told the students that they must not depend solely on simply getting an education, but also, they should consider the people that they surround themselves with as the nature of bad company could eventually transfer onto them.

“If you spend a lot of your time with friends who are noisy and angry, it is likely that you can become the same way…so as of today, as you are here to get the opportunity to go to secondary school, you have to think of ‘what am I going to do with this education? Just to be a bright person? Or is it going to be the thing that will take me along my life journey?’” Tonge stated.

The Chairman admonished the students to be aware and prepared for the oncoming challenges on this new journey not only for themselves but for their parents as well.

He is hopeful that when this batch of recipients graduates, he will still be available to continue the act of giving to students in need.

Chairman of the company, Curtis Tonge