Four Dominican students or students of Dominican descent have received scholarships from the Dominica Houston Association for 2017-2018.

The Annual Scholarship Program is geared towards students enrolled in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree programs.

Each student was awarded $US500 which will be applied directly toward their College Tuition.

Names and a brief quote from students are below.

-Juilette Kendra Languedoc – the University of Southern Caribbean, (Trinidad) Major: Education in Behavioral Science

“The scholarship will greatly assist me in obtaining my dream as my parents are unable to fund the full cost. I thank God for their sacrificial love and support but I am not an only child. I believe that with your assistance I will be able to accomplish God’s ultimate plan for me and my dreams.”

-Oksana Poulis – Lincoln University, PA Major: Psychology

“I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Dominica Houston Association Scholarship Award! Obtaining this scholarship has given
me an even greater opportunity to reach my goals, especially struggling as a first generation college student. I am grateful to be fortunate enough to receive this funding, as well as to have gained this system on my journey to success. Thank you again association for yet another support.”

-Phelecia Scotland – Midwestern State University, Major: Chemistry

“Thank you so much for selecting me as the recipient for this scholarship. I was unsure of how I would pay off the balance of my tuition for this semester but this scholarship ensures that it will be covered. This will definitely go a long way in helping me to
accomplish my goals.”

-Nikisha Ruby Francois- Prairie View A & M University, TX, Major: Biology

“I am Nikisha Francois the recipient of the 2017 Academic Scholarship Award. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity I am
extremely grateful!”