Dr. Severin. * Photo credit: www.open.uwi.edu

Dr. Severin. * Photo credit: www.open.uwi.edu

Head of the UWI Open Campus Dominica, Dr. Francis Severin, wants more private sector support in events of an educational nature.

Giving the closing remarks at a CCJ/Privy Council debate between the Dominica State College (DSC) and UWI Open Campus Dominica on Thursday, Dr. Severin said education should be given more priority.

“I am saying to you especially in this period where education institutions are under fire, under siege for want of funding …and that’s unfortunate because we see cheques larger than life being hand delivered for all sorts of events but we don’t see that for educational events,” he lamented.

He said that money is available but priority does not appear to be an issue. “I am one who likes to believe that there is money somewhere but we are probably not prioritizing. Yes, things are thin and the economy is in reverse but I feel that our private sector for instance should give more to education,” he noted.

Severin also pointed out that educational institutions are ‘hanging on for life’ and there are ‘some luxuries we cannot afford.’

“We are fighting for our very lives, for existence, but we cannot afford at this point in time the luxury of despair… and looking at the young people debate tonight and listening to them, I certainly have no despair …in fact I am experiencing a rapid, a very profound sense of peace,” Severin remarked.