Saint Jean spoke on Monday

Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean, has stated that the investments that the government has made into the education system in Dominica are yielding positive results.

He said that at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Monday, August 21st just moments before revealing the top thirty-five performers at the 2017 CXC/CSEC Examination.

Saint Jean said that it is the responsibility of the ministry of education to empower citizens with marketable skills obtained at the high school level that can be used as a foundation for successful careers, a responsibility that the people within the ministry “take seriously.”

“The government’s investments in education are indeed yielding sure results. We celebrate our gains, which include the fact that thirty-five students of ten secondary schools have taken six or more grade ones, two schools showed significant improvement in their performances; the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School with a seventeen point two percent increase and the Wesley High School with seven point two percent increase,” he stated.

For this year, a total of 1,266 students from Dominica sat the examinations, a statistic, that according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Chandler Hyacinth, is a “decline” when compared to 1,282 registered candidates in 2016.

In light of this, Dominica has recorded an overall performance that is twelve points above that of the regional average.

Saint Jean congratulated two schools–Wesley High School and the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School – for their significant improvement in their performances, an increase of 17.2 percent and 7.2 percent respectively.

He stressed the importance of acknowledging these gains at the various schools on the island saying that while the ministry directs and implements policies at the Ministry level, they are “heavily dependent on our partners within the schools who directly impact student achievement.”

He remarked that the Ministry is seeking to continually improve the quality of teaching and learning at schools and to develop a supportive and enabling environment for application of best practices.

The Convent High School, Saint Mary’s Academy and Portsmouth Secondary School were among the top-performing schools for this year.

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