A representative from the DSC received the check for PM Skerrit

The government on Wednesday presented a check to the Dominica State College (DSC) to settle all outstanding fees by students.

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, presented the check of over one million dollars to the institution during a ceremony at Stock Farm.

“The government took a decision to write off and pay off the outstanding fees of everyone in the country who owes the college, irrespective of who the person is,” he stated.

He said the presentation is important in the wake of Hurricane Maria when many people in Dominica lost everything.

“But we cannot stop education,” he stated. “We cannot close the college, we cannot close the school. These things are too important in a society to close it. And this is why one of the firm commitments this government gives to the citizens of Dominica is that no matter how difficult things are with the government where money is concerned, no matter how many demands are at the feet of the government especially after Maria we are not going to cut one dollar from education…”

The Prime Minister pointed out that keeping students in school “is critically important.”

“We have always maintained that in order for us to build a prosperous country, we must have a skilled workforce,” he said. “And it does not mean academic pursuits; it means a skill of any kind because we need all kinds of skills at the service of the country to build this country and to make this country a prosperous nation.”

He said changes will be made to ensure that students sit exams in spite of outstanding fees.

“Once a child is in school, you must not deny that child from sitting an exam,” he stated. “What universities and colleges do is that they will hold from you your transcripts until you pay but they must make you sit the exam. So this is really my real beef with the college.”