Education minister Petter Saint Jean. File photo

Education Minister Petter Saint Jean has announced that over $20-million has been invested in the payment of subvention to the Dominica State College in the last six years.

“From 2011 to now the Government of Dominica has invested twenty-two million three hundred and eighty-three thousand and forty-seven dollars and thirteen cents just in the payment of subvention to the State College,” Saint Jean said on a recent radio program on Kairi FM.

He said that while Universities must generate their own revenues the Government of Dominica has been assisting greatly in this regard.

“You know how Universities operate, the University must generate its own revenue, pay faculty, pay staff like All Saints is doing, like Ross is doing…But because we realize that many families are under pressure the Government of Dominica finances the State College to almost 100%,” he stated.

Saint Jean disclosed that every month the Government pays to the Dominica State College roughly $353,500.

He said these funds go towards the payment of staff and the operating expenses of the Institution.

Saint Jean said that were it not for this undertaking by the Government, students attending the State College would be paying almost four times the amount which they are now to attain an Associate Degree.

“This means that the families of the students who are out there would have had to dig their hands in their pockets and to pay…so that what they now pay at the State College for an Associate Degree in Marketing or Finance, or Tourism would have been four times the cost that they now pay…so that if a Program costs, say $825, that Program would have really cost $3,200,” he said.

He mentioned that in addition to the subvention the Government has a financial assistance Program for students at the State College where the Government of Dominica led by Roosevelt Skerrit, through the Ministry of Education, makes an intervention for and on behalf of the students.

“So they come to the Ministry they say well my mother is not able to pay we say to them go to the State College get us a grade slip, come back and we will put you on the system so the Government will pay for you,” the Minister stated.

He also revealed that over the last six years the Government has expended $3,500,490.60 to pay tuition fees for students at the Dominica State College.