Some of the participants

On Saturday September 1, 2018, a group of aspiring Junior Chamber International Dominica members brought the theme of “Empowering Youth
through Sports” to the vibrant sporting community of Pointe Michel, with the major objective being to highlight the physical and mental importance of sports.

Over two dozen children ended their summer break having a “ball” of a time.

Recognizing the potential of the community in developing national sportspersons, coupled with the strong sporting community spirit, JCI’s activity focused on empowering the youth- the leaders of tomorrow- through the implementation of sporting activities and principles in their everyday life.

The project, which involved both boys and girls between the ages of 5- 16 years, focused on games that taught key values including sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.

In addition, the youth present was treated to an address from Mr. Julian Wade, national football player, who highlighted the important role of sports and how if pursued with passion and dedication can lead to a full-time career- a goal he easily described having played for Dominica and in a professional league in Guadeloupe.

His speech was followed by a meet and greet session with the Men’s Senior National Football Team and a donation of educational sportsbooks.

After enjoying complimentary lunches and other treats, the group was able to partake in an interactive Question and Answer session with Lennox Abraham, a former umpire and national cricketer.

Abraham touched on several key topics and was able to educate the youth on the topic of gender equality in sports, enlightening the group on the roles available for both men and women in cricket.

JCI Dominica is grateful for the sponsorship received from Fine Foods, Fort Young Hotel and Josephine Gabriel & Co Ltd.

Furthermore, the event was made possible through a partnership with the Dominica Cricket Association, Dominica Football Association, Pointe Michel Village Council and guest speakers.

The day was topped off with a donation of meals to the Grotto Home for the Homeless, with the group setting a clear example how a day of sports can touch much more than those on the field.

To further compliment this activity, JCI Dominica is holding a raffle activity, with proceeds aimed at providing donated sports equipment to the community at a later date.