Eustace Joseph and sister Vida Joseph present scholarship to Stedman

Eustace Joseph and sister Vida Joseph present scholarship to Stedman

Augustus Stedman of the Jones Beaupierre Primary School in Laplaine,  has become the fourth student of that school, to receive the annual QB Vehicle Rentals Scholarship.

For the past four years, QB Vehicle Rentals has donated a scholarship worth $2,500 to the most improved student at Jones Beaupierre Primary. Stedman qualified for the award this year.

The presentation was made during the school’s graduation ceremony on July 7, 2016.

Proprietor of QB Vehicle Rentals, Eustace Joseph, addressed the graduation ceremony and stated his intention to continue assisting the school.

“I would like to express my commitment to continue helping this school with QB Vehicle Rentals scholarship program and Wave Dancer Watersports fun day, still hoping see you this year but next year is going to be great,” he said. “Kids work hard to be a part of it.”

He continued, “I would like to make mention of my sister [‘Vida Joseph] who runs QB Vehicle Rentals, she takes this scholarship program very dearly. She always refers to the scholarship winners as our kids.”

Joseph who has the opportunity every year during the graduation ceremony, to meet the past awardees, expressed delight at the reunion.

“It was a great feeling being together with the present and past scholarship awardees,” he stated. “We are still helping all of them.”

He told the gathering, “I learn if you want someone to perform, spend more time praising them for the things they do good than condemning them for the things they did not do so well. You do need to point out where they can improve and have a plan to help them do that.”

The first to benefit from this scholarship was Daniel Darroux in 2013, followed by Makana Antoine in 2014 and Courtney McDonald of Laplaine in 2015. Each student received $2,500.

On the 21st of June 2014 the company also hosted a water sports fun day at Wave Dancer Watersports in Portsmouth for about 25 top performers and best behaviour students.

Eustace Joseph received the 2016 Sustainability Award of Excellence on behalf of QB Vehicle Rentals for outstanding business excellence in Biodiversity and Social Governance.