careerThe young people of the Kalinago Territory will get an opportunity to interact and receive guidance from professionals on making career choices at the first Annual Kalinago Career Fair slated for July 28.

Cozier Frederick, one of the organizers, told DNO that the fair comes about at a time when the level of unemployment in the territory is extremely high.

“When you look at the Kalinago Territory one can understand that there is a high level of unemployment and most of it is as a result of bad career choices,” he said. “They may have gone into a field that might look flamboyant or perhaps because their friends were doing it and it might not be reflecting the types of opportunities that are there for them.”

He pointed out that the fair will specifically target students of the 4th and 5th forms and college.

“The professionals will be there to provide some insight as to the courses that they did, what they went through, universities amongst other necessary information,” Frederick said.

The fair is being organized by the Learn, Educate and Develop (L.E.A.D) Kalinago organization and according to Frederick the group intends to make the event an annual one.

He indicated that the students will have the chance to have a one on one discussion with the professionals.

A wide range of professionals are expected to be at the fair including farmers, fishermen, business entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, and lawyers.

The career fair will be held at the Salybia Primary School from 3:00 pm.