La Plaine MP, Petter Saint-Jean/photo credit:

Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine constituency Petter Saint- Jean said he will continue to ensure that the residents of his constituency are educated in the area of marine life.

Saint-Jean told the launching of the floating classroom programme at the Jones Beaupierre Primary School this week that the preservation of Dominica’s marine resources is of particular importance to the south east.

“The programme is important to us in La Plaine and the south east of Dominica,” he said.

According to him, education on the importance of the country’s marine resource should begin at schools.

“In this programme, we are targeting the young people. These are the ones who will take our generation forward. Hence the concept of fostering responsible stewardship of our marine resources is of outmost importance and it must start from an early age,” he added.

Saint- Jean, who was also sworn in as minister of education earlier this month, said there are a number of initiatives that have been undertaken in the south east to ensure that the people there are knowledgeable on the issues of preservation and conservation of the country’s marine life.