Dr. Donald Peters

Dr. Donald Peters

President of the Dominica State College (DSC) Dr Donald Peters is of the view that modern leaders must have, at least, a college education.

Addressing the DSC graduating class of 2013 earlier this week Peters said a leader must first be educated.

“Don’t be like those people who say its Okay in the 21st century to be a prime minister of a country without ever going to college,” he said. “If you want to lead people you must first educate yourself.”

Peters explained to the graduates that they were leaving the DSC at a time when the world is barely coming out of a severe financial crisis and a time when the country is in need of professionals with new ideas and energy to run the agricultural and tourism industry.

“You need to embrace the ethics of work, your future depends on your ability to work for the good things in life even though you have to start at the bottom. You need to not be afraid to start at the bottom. You are entering a workforce that is in dire need of young minds and energy,” he stated.

The President told the graduates that they have the ability to move Dominica forward by shifting the paradigm from one of complaining to one of doing.  He also informed them that while many may seek white collar jobs there are others which do not require dressing up but still earn a salary.

“As a college graduate you need to change that thought process. No job is beneath you unless it is illegal. You need to show the nation how to develop through hard work and for you here’s what it means. It means arriving to work on time and helping the people you serve reach their objective,” Peters noted.

The president reminded the graduates that they should use their education to better themselves, and their country and select a career that excites them.

364 students graduated from the institution.