Some of the books donated

The Ministry of Education’s move to address the issue of literacy at primary schools in Dominica got a huge boost on Wednesday.

The Eden and Emilia Baptist Memorial foundation presented over $3.5-million worth of text books to the ministry.

This is the the second donation of books in less than a year from the foundation.

President of the foundation, Angelic Baptist, is hoping that every Dominican student will benefit from the more than 61,000 text books donated. “We are confident that the teachers and students receiving these books will make excellent use of them,” she said. “It is a great honor that we are able to make this donation. We owe it all to the Lord.”

Education Minister Petter St. Jean told the handing over ceremony that the every primary school on the island will benefit from the donation. “I want to give the guarantee that such investment will go to good use,” he said. “I also want to go on record to inform you that every primary school in Dominia will benefit from the donation. We will ensure as a ministry that it reaches every child across the island.”

He also challenged the foundation to assist with the Ministry of Education’s one laptop per child initiative.

The Eden and Erilia Baptist Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to the progress and development of Dominica.

The foundation has made several donations to Dominica including a presentation of items to the Princess Margaret Hospital.