Minister of Education, Petter Saint Jean

Minister of Education, Petter Saint Jean

Parents from the La Plaine area whose children will be entering secondary school in the new academic year must now register them at the Castle Bruce Secondary School only.

Traditionally, the majority of La Plaine secondary school students attend classes in Roseau but Education Minister, Petter Saint Jean, said the change in policy was made in their best interest.

“This year we have made one change in our policy regarding the catchment areas as of the 2013-14 academic school year,” he said at a press conference on Monday. “Commencing in September, students from the La Plaine area will be listed in the Castle Bruce catchment and not the Roseau catchment.”

He noted that the ministry of education has been closely examining student’s performance on a national basis and it was noticed that the performance of students from La Plaine is lacking .

“We have been looking at the performance of the students in the various catchments at secondary schools,” he stated. “And we’ve noticed that there appears to be a lack of performance of the students from the La Plaine area.”

He said it appears that these students are under performing as compared to students from other catchment areas “and we have pinned down specific reasons for that and consequently we have taken a conscious decision to move those students into the Castle Bruce area.”

Saint Jean noted that the travel distance has an effect on the level of alertness of students and this in turn greatly affects their performance.

“We are confident that this is the best decision for all concerned,” he said.

The education minister also stated that parents should be reminded that the decision to send their children to secondary school should be made in the best interest of the students. “If a child is not ready for secondary school they should consider leaving them for another year in primary school,” he said.