The presentation was made on Wednesday morning

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (NTRC), has donated technological equipment to the Roseau Public Library and other public libraries across Dominica in an effort to support automation and internet access improvement within the institutions.

Equipment donated included; Desktops, servers, bar code scanner readers, and grade access points at a cost of E.C. $66,322.62.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the equipment on Wednesday morning at the Roseau Public library, Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean, said that these pieces of equipment will increase the benefits to public users of the libraries.

“These pieces of equipment will indeed support efforts here to provide users within the public libraries with increased availability, reliability, and capacity reference internet access and make the collection of the Dominica Library and Information Service (DLIS) more widely accessible and available through the World Wide Web,” he said.

Some of the equipment

In addition to this, Saint Jean said that as a benefit to the DLIS, “modern information and communication technology” will come as a result of using the equipment.

“It will of course further enable the Dominica Library and Information Service to employ modern information and communication technologies, and the efficient delivery of information services,” he said.

According to Saint Jean, the equipment will assist the DLIS in tackling their challenges such as limited computer terminals for users, internet connection capacity, the slow processing and down time of the server, hence making service provision more advantageous.

“Importantly, the Dominica Library and Information Service will be better able to track services, changes, trends in use over a period of time. We will also ensure that we make better use of smarter planning and strategy to help better serve our communities, and especially for the young people, free internet access at all public library units in Roseau, Portsmouth, Grandbay and in Marigot,” Saint Jean stated.

Saint Jean encourages young people to make use of the services not only for entertainment, but rather for maximizing the use, and to use the equipment in a responsible manner.

“I want to urge that we take care of what is given to us for free because everything that is given free costs somebody else something…Engage in safe internet practices. I do sincerely hope that this donation will indeed inspire our students to promote learning, to promote information exchange,” he remarked.

The Roseau Public Library has installed six desktop computers in the adult section of the library, from one, and will install three other computers in the children’s section.

The Grandbay Public library has installed five computers, Portsmouth Library has installed three computers for processing and administration, according to Chief Librarian, Vernanda Raymond.

Chief Librarian, Vernanda Raymond