Officials of the town of Portsmouth, including Parliamentary Representative Ian Douglas and Mayor His Worship Vernon Daniel, were on hand at the Portsmouth Secondary School on Friday afternoon to witness the Inauguration Ceremony of the Portsmouth Secondary School Student Government Association (S.G.A).

S.G.A President Earl White, Vice President Deanna George, Treasurer Ray Joseph, Secretary Alize Charles, and Public Relations Officer Michach Flanders took their oaths of office, vowing to defend and promote the principles and practices enshrined in the constitution of the P.S.S. Student Government Association as acknowledged and ratified by the school’s administration.

The executive members were joined by Fifth Form Representative Dyjerlynn Peter, Fourth Form Representative Jerry Jiang, Third Form Representative Krysha Brumant, Second Form Representative Ife Georges, and First Form Representative Leah Raymond who all took their oaths of office as senators. Tallia Celestine, Luchiano Dupuis, and Britney Mills, though not form level representatives, were also sworn in as senators.

Addressing the audience of students, parents and staff at the event, Hon. Ian Douglas commended the school for the initiative and advised the students to view current government officials as role models which they could emulate. A former student of the school, Douglas pointed to a number of other past students, both in an out of government, who are now contributing positively to society.

Meanwhile, Mayor Vernon Daniel, also a member of the school’s alumni, encouraged the new Student Government Association to make an impact by interacting with their peers and modeling positive values and behaviours.

Addresses also came from the school’s principal Lois Bristol and Guidance Counselor Daryl Pierre-Louis who gave an overview of the vigorous campaigning and vibrant elections which preceded Friday’s swearing-in ceremony.

The P.S.S. Student Government Association is an initiative of the school’s Pastoral Care Office which is headed by Mr. Pierre-Louis.