EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was submitted by Paulisha Dennis, a student of The Dominica State College. It was published, unedited, by DNO.

In the beginning of the piece, the speaker has apparently began to engage  mother nature in a conversation, in an attempt to find out why mother nature does the things she does. The speaker continues, stating to mother nature that at times, she is humble, and  at other times she appears to be moody.The speaker also asks questions to mother nature, seeking the reasons for the volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earthquakes. The poem then switches to another perspective-mother nature’s. Mother nature takes over and begins by stating how things were, and how they’ve changed. She explains that the rain is simply her tears, the earthquakes are to reshape her misplaced body, the volcanic eruptions are to purify the land,  the  hurricanes are to show that she still reigns, and finally she explains that the wind only gets so strong when what’s happening becomes too much to handle.

Throughout the poem imagery is used beautifully, painting an image of what is going and what the characters in the piece are talking about. It also serves to establish the theme of nature in the piece. The piece is written in rhyme, causing the reader to become captivated immediately. The use of both a human being, and mother nature, was an excellent move by the writer, as it allows the reader to view things from both perspectives. The use of alliteration in lines such as, “That forceful strike that I send so strong” was also an effective move by the writer as it helps create the rhythmic beat of the poem.The audience can well relate to this poem, as questions that were asked are questions, that people of this nation, would really like to know the answers to.  However, more effort could’ve been placed on punctuation, and mother nature’s perspective, seems as if it was rushed into, with no break, between the first speaker’s perspective and mother nature’s.Also The reasons behind mother nature’s action seems to be vague, mother naturestates thatBabylon has shown her no respect, and has stated that our science has corrupted her so, but gives no details as to how she is disrespected by Babylon and how our science has corrupted her.