new school namesStudents of St Joseph Primary School will be participating in independence celebration bearing a new name: the Kelleb John Laurent Primary School.

The school unveiled its new name at a ceremony on the school premises on Wednesday evening.

Parliamentary Representative of the St Joseph constituency, Kelvar Darroux, told the students that Kelleb Laurent was an astute gentleman who offered his time and talents selflessly.

“He was one who would volunteer his time and services free of charge and I recall quite clearly the efforts that he put in, in establishing the St Joseph steel orchestra in procuring the steel pan and ensuring that the young people of this community could come together and generate their skills and talents towards steel pan playing,” he said.

Darroux added that Laurent also played a significant role in education and announced that in his honor he would be implementing the Kelleb John Laurent scholarship to two students.

“Due to the fact that Mr Laurent was an educator and due to the passion that I have for education and to see our young men and women do well in this community as a member of Parliament, I take the great privilege and honor to announce here this afternoon that I will be making a scholarship available to a young boy and a young girl of this school taking effect from next year September in the amount of $500,” he stated.

The parliamentary representative made a call to past students of the school saying they should make an effort to give back to their school.

Meanwhile, friend of Kelleb Laurent, Ambrose Sylvester described him as one who lived a service oriented life dedicated to serve humanity.

“His service was rendered in the face of adversity and antagonism and on occasions service was rendered under extremely difficult conditions yet with humility Kelleb Laurent a devout Roman Catholic saw this as a vocation from the creator, equipped himself with morality, integrity and continued to play his part to mankind,” he stated.

Laurent was also described as an enthusiastic sportsman who loved cricket. He was a former politician, teacher and principal.