PM Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit paid an informal visit to the Dominica State College (DSC) on November 25, 2010.

Skerrit, a former lecturer at the college, took time out to visit DSC President Dr. Donald Peters, faculty, staff and students, and participated in a social science class in which students were debating “The Pros and Cons of Universal Tertiary Education in the Future”.  The discussion was led by students Saryta Akpa, Larissa Riviere, Michael Paul, Peterson Davis, Shanelle Walsh and Jasmine Jackson.

The prime minister was impressed with the level of maturity and research initiative manifested by the students and gave them an insight into the history of the establishment of the Dominica State College in which he played a major role in 2000 as minister for education.

The students thanked him for making time to visit with them, a sentiment which was endorsed by staff, faculty and President Peters.