The Wesley High School

Acting Principal of the Wesley High School (WHS), Hilarion Akpa, has stated that the school’s gradually increasing percentage pass rate at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations is a direct result of the hard work of all stakeholders.

This follows comments by Chief Education Officer, Melena Fontaine, who, in her analysis of the results of this year’s CSEC examinations, on August 15, praised the WHS for steadily increasing its percentage pass rate over the past 5 years, moving from a low of 54.2 percent in 2014, to a present high of 78.9 percent.

Akpa, who has acted as Principal of the school since July 2017, expressed his delight at the school’s performance.

“We are happy, delighted by the results of the CXC exams, and we would like to commend the teachers, the students themselves, and their parents… and the Ministry of Education, whose officials who really helped us this year to do what we are supposed to do, and to go forth with a kind of confidence to the exams,” he told Dominica News Online (DNO), on Friday. “Essentially, it’s hard work.”

He also mentioned the Board of the WHS, whose members “always look out for the interests of the school.”

Akpa gave special acclaim to the teachers for their efforts towards professional development, which has a positive effect on students’ academic performance.

“In 2010, we had only four graduate teachers, and in 2018…between 13 and 14 teachers are graduate teachers in Wesley High School,” he explained. “They are more experienced, and they have improved their education by taking classes… That is taking initiative to do something good for themselves, and they have done it.”

The WHS Principal attributed a certain level of the students’ success to the absence of entertainment on-island, following the passage of the disastrous Hurricane Maria, in September 2017. Nevertheless, he said that this should not subtract from the determination shown by students and their parents.

“This year was a nice bunch of students… good girls, good daughters, good students, and they were conscious about the situation…” Akpa said. “I am sure that the lack of entertainment in Dominica after [Hurricane] Maria contributed to the good results of so many children, but I will not take away the involvement of parents and children in their work. The children have done well, and we have to recognize that.”

Akpa also noted that although the school has a 100 percent in seven subjects, such as Physical Education and Food and Nutrition, there are still some areas for improvement in certain subjects such as Mathematics, French, Civics, and the various sciences.

The CSEC Examinations administered by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) are the secondary school exit examinations for students in Dominica and the wider Caribbean.