Students having fun at the party

The Rotaract Club of Roseau on Saturday, December 10 hosted a Christmas party for all pupils of the Morne Prosper Primary School.

A total of 67 boys and girls benefited from the club’s community service project.

Every year the Rotaract Club of Roseau chooses a different community in which to host the party.

The pupils were given toys, food, drink, and other party favors. Pin the Tail on the donkey, musical chairs and karaoke were among the games played this year. They also have a chance to get candy from the ‘piñata’.

In welcoming the initiative, principal of the Morne Prosper Primary School, Algernon Ducreay said it was ‘thoughtful’ of the Rotaract Club of Roseau ‘to host the party here this year.’

Gifts for everyone

He said the initiative brought “good tiding and Christmas cheer to the school.”

“We are very thankful this year that we have been selected and we want to thank you for that,” the school principal added.

When asked if they were having fun, pupils with a loud “yes” unanimously endorsed the initiative.

The club’s vice president Bianca Payne, pledged the group’s commitment to hosting the Christmas party in future.

She said this year’s activity was a major success.

She also thanked all those who made the event a success including contributors of toys, snacks, principal and staff of the school, club members and others.