SMP students at the function

Education Minister, Petter Saint Jean, has encouraged students of the St Mary’s Primary (SMP) to seek ways to preserve the environment.

The Minister made that call while addressing a special assembly held at the SMP’s 4H Club on Friday to observe ‘Green Day’.

“Over time, what we have seen with the technological advances that we have made, we have seen a de-emphasis on taking care of planet earth. We have seen our people deviating from what was the command and as a result, we have negatively impacted on our own survival here on planet earth,” he said. “The message therefore for you as young men, young Dominicans who will go out as the technicians, as the farmers, as the doctors, is to ensure that we keep what we have, that gift that we have…”

He continued, “It means that we have a luxury that most countries do not enjoy. Let us work vigorously to keep Dominica pristine, to keep Dominica green.”

He proposed proper waste disposal as well as the manner in which trees are being cut down as being among some of the simple practices that need to be observed on a daily basis.

National 4-H coordinator, Shirley Alexander, highlighted the importance of 4-H to the students in the context of the observance of Green Day and pointed to the club’s emphasis on agriculture.

“Imagine what it would be if you look out there and there is no green, litter or garbage all over the place. It would be upsetting…,” she remarked and encouraged clubites to continue to see the need to grow more, plant more, eat more of what is local.

Special recognition medals were presented to students of the SMP for their dedication and hard work with the club over the past school year.

A display of Garden tools the students used to plant their vegetables was also formed part of the celebration.

‘Green Day’ was celebrated under the theme: “Healthy Living Begins with Healthy Foods.”