A section of the San Sauveur Primary School

Education Minister, Petter Saint Jean, has presented a new project to the people of San Sauveur that seek to reconstruct dilapidating parts of the San Sauveur Primary School saying that there are some problems that “we must address.”

The statement was made at a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday evening in San Sauveur.

Saint Jean said that although the school is relatively new compared to the other schools in Dominica, one of the problems that must be addressed is leakage from the roof.

“One of this (problems) is the leakage that is coming through the roof area. The water comes in and it seeps through and so the ground floor is affected,” he said.

Included in the project is the scaling of the tiles, fixing up of the furniture, and the fencing of the perimeter of the school.

Saint Jean assured the people that attention will be given to the school to bring it to a standard that is suitable for the children.

“Rest assured that the San Sauveur School will be given some attention during the latter part of this year where we will address the roof, the doors, and windows and the fencing of your school, and of course, we will take note of the entrance to the school,” he stated.

He described the venture as a “major project” for the primary school.

The San Sauveur Primary School was described as ‘state of the art’ when it was officially opened on April 28th, 2010.

The $3.8 million facility was funded by the CARICOM Petroleum Fund Facility (quick-disbursing grant facility established to provide relief to CARICOM member states that were net importers of petroleum products and which were affected by increasing energy costs) and the Government of Dominica.